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Money Coaching

Ready to transform your financial life?

We can help.

We began helping people gain a better grasp of their finances in 2019 and it has grown to be one of the most rewarding and inspiring parts of our lives. 

We work with stressed out professionals, who despite doing all the "right" things - going to college, getting a degree, landing a good paying job, are stuck feeling stressed out, lost, and overwhelmed when it comes to their money. 

You work too hard to feel this way. 

And we're here to help you change it once and for all.

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Programs & Sessions


Mindful Money
4 Month Coaching Program


Build a strong financial foundation with our 4 month comprehensive coaching program. Together, we'll look at your past spending trends, build a sustainable budget that aligns
with what’s important to you, create a debt payoff plan, automate your savings and investing, explore your money mindsets, and establish the exact next steps to take as you
continue on your way to financial freedom.


Make a Money Plan
90 Minute Session


With the expertise of an expert money coach, gain a deep understanding of your spending, savings, and investing trends. Equipped with this information, we’ll develop a realistic plan to pay off debt, save for what is important to you, and make changes to 401(k), IRA, and other investment contributions to best align with your financial goals.

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Personal Finance 101
90 Minute Session


Recently graduated? Starting a new job or changing jobs? We’ll dig into the “need to know” information to take advantage of workplace benefits such as a 401(k), HSA, FSA and other opportunities to save and invest such as a High Yield Savings Account or IRA. While this session is more education focused, you’ll leave with an understanding of the  tools you have at your fingertips to confidently build wealth and lay a strong financial foundation.

Payment plans available upon request for all coaching services.

If you're ready to commit to the challenge of transforming your financial life, we are willing to establish a payment plan that works for you while you are on that journey.



Not sure if coaching is right for you?
Let's Chat

Schedule a complimentary call today and let's explore your financial situation, any free or low cost resources available, and how Mindful Cents may be a good fit to help. 

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